As a business, our focus is feeding families. In our communities, we look beyond the business to nourish the hearts and minds of young Canadians.

We are a proud supporter and partner of Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada. With 200,000 children attending Clubs in 700 communities across Canada, together we have a tremendous opportunity to nurture confident, happy and productive youth.



Restaurants are the number one source of first-time jobs for young Canadians, making up 42% of the industry workforce.

In 2017, we launched the Skilled4Success (S4S) Hospitality Program in 10 Clubs across Canada. S4S is a pre-employment program that assists youth in developing the skills and competencies needed to successfully obtain jobs in the hospitality industry.

In its first phase, 245 participating youth learned critical job search skills including resume writing, customer service and how to apply for jobs, as well as the importance of having a positive, can-do attitude.


45% of the youth who participated in the program, applied for jobs in the hospitality industry and many of those attained jobs. They also made valuable connections with our local restaurant leaders and staff, who now have a valuable pool of future employees to choose from.

Our restaurants also operate a variety of branded campaigns that gives customers the opportunity to support their local youth through the Boys and Girls Clubs.